2020 Self Love Challenge

Self Love Challenge image

Self Love is the key to creating LOVE in our lives. It is said that until we truly love ourselves, we cannot love another. Contrary to popular culture (& belief), it’s an inside out job. Imagine if all you really needed was self love and everything else was a bonus.

During the Self Love Challenge, you will practice being the master or mistress of your own universe. We will explore Self Love through six realms – spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, sexual & financial. We will also learn about the Rules for Self Love and a whole lot more.

Each day you will receive a lesson and a writing prompt via email. The group will meet in zoom for live video chats bi-weekly (if you can’t join, they’ll be recorded). And for those looking to connect more deeply, we will have a Marco Polo group for video sharing  as you fall deeper and deeper in love with yourselves.

If you’d you are a HELL YES to taking this journey all you need to do is three things:

  1. Sign up on the form below. In order to participate in the Marco Polo group, please include your mobile number.
  2. Get a notebook or google doc ready to start your journey.
  3. Check your email each morning for your lesson, writing prompt and other information.  The first email will arrive on Saturday, February 1.

If you have any questions, please email Kristen at kristen@kristenkosinski.com.