Group Coaching

What will give you MEANING this New Year?
How are you going to create this?
Let me help you.
Join me for MEANING, a 6-month coaching group where you will gain the necessary clarity and understanding to create the year you are wishing for right now – personally & professionally. We will do this by learning to process through all that is holding you back!
Interested in having the most MEANING-full year ever?  Email me at and we will schedule a time to talk.


What people are saying about Group Coaching with Kristen:

Invisible Warfare has helped me face the things that are holding me back from my true self and to find out why they were holding me back in the first place.  It’s a deep introspection made stronger through the shared group experience.

Learning to rinse and especially via morning pages has been really life changing for me. Tapping into my subconscious and being curious about what it has to tell me. Also seeing the ways I have been lying to myself and sharing that with the group has been super impactful. Not only do I recognize it, then I name it and share it, which shines the light and sets it free.

My experiences in Kristen’s coaching group was quite profound. It unlocked a chamber inside of me that needed to be addressed and opened and once I worked through some of my inner child work it allowed me to excel in my business and understand my feelings around clients in a deep way. I felt that we were always held in a safe space and were told the truth no matter what was happening in the group and it set the bar for integrity and honesty to such a high and inspiring level. It help me in all aspects of my life not only business but in my relationships as well.

Having the opportunity to work with Kristen and the powerful group of women she assembled brought grounding and clarity. It helped me keep on track building my business week in and week out.

Kristen creates instant comfort and camaraderie among her group members.