Invisible Warfare Application

Thank you for your interest in the Invisible Warfare Group and  CONGRATULATIONS on taking this first step towards living your most EXTRAORDINARY LIFE!

This is a six month group coaching program and ALL ARE WELCOME. This work is not limited to women. Join us from anywhere in the world.

Each meeting we will focus on one chapter of Invisible Warfare. The 18 chapters of the book contain themes such as Judgement vs Understanding, Shame, Self Pity, Fear, True Love and Enlightenment with incredible information, tools and exercises to release you from old patterns and create freedom through clarity to go after the life you truly desire.

Most importantly, you will learn to let your feelings and emotions to be your SUPER POWER, not your enemy and CREATE MAGIC in your personal and professional lives.

The group will meet via ZOOM video conferencing THREE times a month on Mondays from 6 – 7:30pm PST.  Our next group will launch in November 2020.

And, we will have a WhatsApp Private Group & Marco Polo Group for ongoing communication, connecting and support.

Please complete the application below. Upon completion, you will be sent a link to schedule a conversation with Kristen.